Frances Miller

In Graduates, Virginia by jan_mfp

Frances MillerFrances is a multi-instrumental performer, composer, teacher and facilitator.  Her classical background includes rigorous training in violin and piano with the Royal School of Music, Pennsylvania Academy of Music and the Oberlin Conservatory with violin.  During her early years (age 4-18), she was involved in many performances and competitions.

Frances took a break from music in her early 20’s and returned after a life-shattering event occurred and music became her lifeline.  This is when she began to improvise as a way to connect with what she had lost and to express the emotions coming through her.  In the years since then, she has visited a number of fiddle traditions – Celtic, Cajon, Creole, Indian, and West African.  She has started writing and singing her own songs in the past 2 years.   Improvisation remains at the heart of her musical practice.  Frances also does a lot of drumming and was trained as a drum circle facilitator with Arthur Hull.

Frances has 2 CD’s out and 2 more are on their way.  She is currently teaching music at a Waldorf-inspired school in Virginia and lives in a yurt in the mountains where she is working on sustainable living practices.  She is passionate about the power of music to restore balance for individuals, community and society.  She has created and developed several music programs along these lines in the past 5 years such as a drum circle project in a Juvenile Detention Center, and a music program at a women’s shelter. She believes that tapping into creative expression is a potent way to re-connect with our life-force.

At the heart of her teaching and facilitation is a desire to invite others to engage with the transformative power of creativity.  This is what fuels  Frances’ creative work; the way it can shift her relationship with life.  Frances’ teaching style is subtle, gentle and spontaneous.  She likes to invite rather than push.  The way she leads is greatly influenced by what is needed in each specific group.