Eric Reinhardt

In Graduates, Massachusetts by jan_mfp

Eric is a singer who loves to write and perform. He has been running successful coffeehouses and various open mic nites around the New York area for over 8 years. He uses a variety of improvisational techniques at his venues and encourages an informal and supportive atmosphere for all who attend.

Eric is an avid home studio enthusiast and most recently has had the opportunity to work with David Darling in a “professional studio setting”. The voice is the first instrument for Eric, but he also enjoys picking up and playing any other instrument he can get his hands on. Right now, Eric is concentrating on the production end of his and other artist’s music along with performance nuance within his own singing styles and other musicians.

Eric holds a monthly workshop in the New York area for musicians to work together on their music, improvised and written. He offers lessons in improvisational singing and songwriting as well as beginning guitar and hand drumming.