Denise Beaudry

In Graduates, Québec by jan_mfp

photo © Julie Weber

Denise supports individuals in the process of exploring new musical territory using their own personal rich and unique language. Her focus is on engaging people into creative expression using breathing, relaxation, silence and deep listening. She wants music to be an easy and reachable activity where everyone can forget about performance and competition.  Each person is invited to mature through the power and intensity of their present emotions.  She has a particular interest in working with groups with special social needs for which music is a perfect medium.

Denise Beaudry is a social worker who conducts activities in musical expression at her work place in a health rehabilitation center in Montreal for a group of clients with neuromuscular and other diseases. This is a project is based on the potential of music to help develop creativity and assist in acquiring resilience to better adapt to the constrains of the disease.  Music serves these clients to develop their unique experiences and become open to new energy. Family members also participate.

After not playing music for two decades, Denise has a rediscovered her passion for classical piano, singing and dancing.  Her guitar and drums give her a feeling of freedom and are like friends that travel with her.   “Music opened my heart and gave me the opportunity to be really human, sharing lovely moments playing and singing with my family and friends.”  Music for People’s training program has changed her awareness of everyday sounds and  has been a great support for her discovery of self expression.

Although blind, Denise imagines everything in her mind and uses her other senses to see, in a different way, the light and darkness of each day.  The days are now more harmonious, filled with beat, silence, the pulse of her heart and the rhythm of natural energy.  she invites you to share her musical world, the rainbow of vibrations through the eyes of the heart.  Denise has Bachelors Degrees in Social Work and Psychology and a Master Degree in Orientation Counseling.