Clint Goss

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Clint GossClint Goss melds a wide array of world instruments to create organic, improvisational, “Ethnic Fusion” music. His particular blend of world instruments is a result of his early experience on the clarinet, his encounter with the Native American Flute, and extensive experience traveling and performing around the world. His performances weave rhythms and melodies from many musical heritages to create music that is deeply respectful of the cultures that created the instruments he plays.

Clint and his wife, Vera, have engaged in extended technical assistance and cultural exchange projects in Zimbabwe, Calcutta, Tokyo, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Namibia, Moscow, Kenya, China, Morocco, and Zambia. Each trip has widened their musical universe and brought more sounds and instruments into the mix. A trip to Slovakia introduced him to a 5½ foot tall flute, the Fujara, an instrument that is hardly known outside of Eastern Europe. His collection of over 200 world flutes, is a source for many of the organic and eclectic sounds that he brings to the mix.

Since beginning the MLP program in 2003, Clint and Vera have been facilitating music workshops for Native American Flute players. They now facilitate weekend and full-week Native Flute Schools. He has also developed the Flutopedia web site as a resource for Native Flute players, and produces a series of CDs for players of the instrument. He has also recorded and produced a number of CDs under the Manifest Spirit label, including The Listening BookThe Darling Conversations, and SpiritGrass.

Clint holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University, and currently serves as an expert witness in patent dispute and intellectual property cases. He also holds a commercial pilot license and a flight instructor certificate.

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