Christoph Wiesmann

In Graduates, Switzerland by jan_mfp

Christoph WeissmannBesides his public relations work, Christoph is a passionate musician who loves to perform. He is a
multi-instrumentalist and although he had classical training, he has long standing experience in different music genres: classical, jazz, world music and others. Works as an Oboe and Saxophone teacher in improvisation. The enjoyment of spontaneous musical expression with voice and instruments led him to come across David Darling. In July 2004, he graduated from the MLP training course.

Freelance projects and teaching at the “Musikschule Wohlen”. Multi-instrumentalist: Oboe, English horn, saxophone, different flutes, kotamo, percussion and voice.

Focus: Collaboration with various musicians around Berne. Has his own show with a loop machine. Passionate live performer. Music and movement as a dancer and dancing accompanist.