Betsy Bevan

In Graduates, North Carolina by jan_mfp

Betsy BevanI am a composer and visual artist who has enjoyed sharing my music and art with many people.  I have a masters degree in music composition from the Eastman School of Music in NY and currently teach music at Canterbury School in Greensboro, North Carolina. I have studied and worked extensively in the field of the expressive arts and improvisation through the Music for People organization with world class improvising cellist, David Darling, and more recently through process art with Stewart Cubley, author of Life, Paint, and Passion.

I have been joyfully exploring my voice through visual art for the past 8 years. My background is in music composition and education. I am a self-taught artist who loves the process of getting my colors, lines and images out on paper and canvas. My painting is spontaneous and reflects my immediate emotions and musical interest in rhythmic patterns and color motifs. I have found the process of painting and improvising music to be incredibly profound in opening up creative energy and stimulating personal growth. I am very happy to be offering classes and coaching in creativity.

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