Annie O’Shea

In Graduates, Oregon by jan_mfp

Annie O'SheaAnnie lives in Eugene, OR and operates under the umbrella name of “Music Maker.” She has on-going improvisational classes called “SoundPlay” in which she leads people through a variety of musical explorations with the voice, percussion, movement and whatever instruments happen to show up!

Annie and her husband created  “tube drums” made from cardboard cylinders with coated vinyl heads. These are affordable, durable and work well as rhythm instruments. The drums are being made worldwide since she shared instructions on her YouTube channel.

She  facilitates vocal and rhythm circles with a variety of adult groups that includes retirement facilities and assisted living centers.

Recently she is studying the folk harp and performing vocals/ukulele alongside her husband on Kona Walking Bass. Called “Just Duet”, they perform wherever they are called!

Annie feels that she was “born again” in the MfP Leadership program and has found her musical home.