Ange Chianese

In Graduates, New Jersey by jan_mfp

Ange ChianeseAnge has been singing and been sung to since the cradle in the early 1940’s. While his talented parents were out earning a living, he stayed at home with his very musical Italian grandparents, Assunta and Angelo who were always humming or singing a tune while they worked, keeping house and running an Italian bread bakery.

By age 3, Ange was reciting poetry and singing prolifically in both English and Italian and seemed to have a gift for recall of lyrics (as well as writing his own) that persists to this day.  That’s one of the reasons he created his “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Singing Telegram Company” back in 1980.  He continues as owner and principal performer today.

By 1986, Ange was involved in Singing Telegrams, as was his new wife and one of his two daughters (Julianna was creating stream of consciousness lyrics at performances by age 4), stand-up comedy (as Father Guido Sarducci, All-Purpose-Priest) and Clown shows, appearing as Garbanzo, the Human Bean.

His musical modalities at that time, however, were stuck in neutral.  Then he somehow got wind of the Premiere of a new organization called “Music for People” which was offering a first workshop, 9 days long, in Keene, NH.  He dropped everything and got himself involved.  From mentors at that first gathering such as Glen Velez, Jim Scott, Allaudin Mathieu, Julie Lyon Liebermann, Bonnie Insull, David Darling and many, many talented peers, Ange embarked on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment that continues to this day.  He shares his life and music in the old Italian section of Ange’s hometown of Trenton, New Jersey.  Grateful for love and music.