Alina Plourde

In Graduates, New York by jan_mfp

Alina PlourdeAlina Plourde is constantly inspired by the beauty of musicians connecting and improvising in the moment, and by the simplicity and depth of Music for People’s philosophy and techniques. A graduate of the Musicianship and Leadership program, she is amazed by and grateful for the way that MfP has infused and enlivened all of her work. Alina performs frequently with Symphoria, Syracuse’s professional orchestra, and is a founding member of the New Leaf Ensemble, an improvising chamber music group. She teaches oboe at Syracuse University and at Onondaga Community College, where she also teaches an MfP-style improvisation class. She has a studio of private oboe students, and works with younger students at the Montessori School of Syracuse, weaving improvisation into classes that include Orff instruments, recorder, and world music. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music and recipient of a doctorate from the University of Illinois, Alina lives in the Syracuse, NY area with her family.