Abby Gross Walker

In Connecticut, Graduates by jan_mfp

Abby WalkerAbby Walker is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she majored in Modern Dance. In 1999, she earned her Musicianship and Leadership certification with Music for People. She taught drama at The Montessori School in Wilton, Connecticut for 17 years. Abby considers herself a multidiscipline artist who explores music drama, dance, and visual art. She has studied Suzuki, Kodaly, and Montessori music methods. A founding member, Abby has sung and performed in the Talmadge Hill Choir for 15 years. Currently she instructs cello with the K.E.Y.S. program in Bridgeport and is the Festival Administrator for the Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival in Ridgefield.  She is working towards her certification in Chekhov acting technique. Abby has two children and is married to cartoonist, author and historian Brian Walker.

Personal quote: “…Approaching the age of forty, I was struck with the need at that milestone to be sure I was attending to my body, soul, and mind. I started with thinking about my soul, and how for a long time, I had been in need of spiritual food in my life.  Focusing on this need coincided with my first Music for People workshop.  Somewhere in the middle of that first workshop during a single yet committed note, a deep uncompromised vocalization, I found my soul. I touched a place where I had never been. The openness and the support gave me the freedom to engage in my spirit. By letting down my defenses I found that vulnerable yet magical spot where one is pure. For the music to be real the performer has to be real, coming from one’s true self.  In Music for People, musicianship is defined by the honest giving of oneself.  Whenever I am singing or playing in this way I feel as if the vibrations and emotion of the music literally cleanses my body and mind.  This is when I am the most connected as a musician energetically.”