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Live Your Music in Montreal!

Date(s) - Jun-16-2018
Starting at 10:00 AM

1450 Rue Guy, Montreal QC - Montreal - QC - Canada


Music for People Satellite Workshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Live Your Music in Montreal!

Facilitated by Irene Feher

Saturday June 16th, 2018


Concordia University, Department of Music

Room 135. 8th Floor, John Molson School of Business

1450 Rue Guy, Montreal QC

For affordable housing that is a short walk away from the workshop, please go to: https://www.concordia.ca/students/housing/summer.html

Join Irene, members of Concordia’s student improvisation Collective “Collabra-Dabra-Tory” and students from Irene’s summer course “Live Your Music: Intro to Music Improvisation” for an inspiring day of music making in the heart of Montreal.

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