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Adventures in Improvisation

Date(s) - Oct-06-2017 - Oct-08-2017
Starting at 6:00 PM

Stony Point Center - Stony Point - NY - United States


If you love music, join Music for People for a day or a weekend in our Adventures in Improvisation series.

Adventures in Improvisation is a workshop that welcomes all, from beginners to professionals. Prior experience in music improvisation is not necessary. Renew your musical and creative inspiration, increase your skill and self-confidence in improvising, receive a multitude of enjoyable practice techniques for continued musical growth and play with other creative, supportive musicians.

Attend the Adventures in Improvisation weekend workshop for the FUN of it and learn more about the MfP music-making philosophy! Free Improvisation opens doors of creativity for both performers, teachers and music therapists.

These workshops will inspire teachers to take Improvisation, one of the National Educational Standards, into their classrooms and give practical techniques that can be applied therapeutically for Music therapists.

All registrants must choose two tickets below to register. Everyone must choose a tuition type AND a housing or commuter type.

Workshop Registration

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Ticket Type Price Spaces
a - Tuition: MFP Member
Full Weekend Attendance for MFP Member
b - Tuition Standard/Non Member
Full Weekend Attendance for Non Members
c - Tuition - MLP Program
Full Weekend Attendance for participants currently enrolled in our Musicianship and Leadership Training Program
d - Tuition Saturday Member
Saturday Attendance for MFP member: also choose mandatory commuter fee
e - Tuition Saturday Standard/Non Member
Saturday Attendance for Non Member: also choose mandatory commuter fee
f - Weekend Shared Housing/Bathroom with Meals
Weekend Shared Housing/Shared Bath/Meals
g - Weekend Private Room Housing/Shared Bath with Meals
Weekend Single Room/Shared Bath/Meals
Graduates of our MLP Program Weekend Tuition $175.00
h - Commuter Fee Full Weekend
Mandatory Fee for commuter attendance. Includes Meals but charged regardless of eating meals.
i - Commuter Fee Saturday
Mandatory Fee for Saturday commuter attendance. Includes Meals but charged regardless of eating meals.

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