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CD Review: Earth Poems

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In her Earth Poems CD, Betsy Bevan (pianist) has collaborated with Will Ridenour (kora) and Daniel Chambo (world flutes ) to create free flowing music for relaxation and introspection. The music moves the listener toward an inner journey. The first cut “In Your Light” was inspired by Rumi. The album musically emulates the words translated …

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Listen – A Poem by Julie Cook

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Listen Can you hear it? The sweetest sound comes near the end. Start with ears big enough to let in a river. After the first rush (if you are very still) you will hear it: a pure silver voice, arrow-straight for your heart. You could drink in that sound all day. One note, then another, …

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Improvisation: Bridge to Our Inner Music

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My husband is sitting at the piano, arms crossed, elbows to finger-ends pressing down the keys, forehead resting on his arms, dead tired after a long, stressful day. “That’s a great sound,” I say. “Do it again.” He does–several times. He gets interested. Sitting up, he experiments with elbow, palm, and forearm sounds in different …

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Creativity and the Process of Transformation

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Mary Knysh wrote this article for the Fall 2015 issue of Connections where she shares how our participation in the creative arts can lead to both personal and creative transformation. Such an important topic that I wanted to share it with the larger community.   — Jan Hittle, MfP Webmaster As another autumn season approaches, …

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Book Review: The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program

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The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program by Nancy Salwen is an accessible, user friendly, and inspiring book for those afraid to sing as well as experienced and professional singers. It is a remarkable guide through the process of rediscovering the profound genius of the authentic singing voice that exists within each of us. For those …

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Unwritten Notes: Improvisation for Classically Trained Musicians

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“That was fun!” “I never thought of improvising right along with my students—what a great idea!” “I’m going to make improvisation a requirement for my piano classes.” “I think it’s sad that in all my long years of professional classical training, no one ever encouraged me to improvise my own music.” These were some reactions …

Bringing Music Home – Hosting Improv Gatherings

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Connections featured this article which contained several useful suggestions for getting started hosting your own music gatherings. Core Group: Start with a core group of 2 or more people who have been to a workshop and understand the process and transformative value of music improvisation for self-expression. Core groups can sometimes be formed during an …

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Sally Childs-Healton

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Web Site: Sally Childs-Helton is a certified Music for People guided music improvisation teacher, and she teaches and conducts workshops in hand drums and ethnic percussion, music improvisation, and creativity. At the age of 14 she put down the flute, picked up drum sticks, and has never looked back. In her mid-teens she received …