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Clint Goss

In Connecticut, Graduates by jan_mfp

Clint Goss melds a wide array of world instruments to create organic, improvisational, “Ethnic Fusion” music. His particular blend of world instruments is a result of his early experience on the clarinet, his encounter with the Native American Flute, and extensive experience traveling and performing around the world. His performances weave rhythms and melodies from …

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Connie Barrett

In Graduates by jan_mfp

(1961-2013) Constance E. Barrett had performed with an eclectic variety of musicians in all kinds of genres from her performances on national network TV with Prairie Home Companion’s resident violinist Andy Stein to her work with World Music of Nana. Called “a musician of rare sensitivity” by the Republique of Seine et Marne, France, she …

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Christy Clavio

In Graduates, North Carolina by jan_mfp

“I believe in the power of music to heal and provide support in our lives through personal growth and creative expression.” Christy Clavio is a professional teaching artist and musician living in Asheville, North Carolina. She has worked with diverse populations presenting innovative multi-cultural music and vocal improvisation programs that celebrate our diversity through an exploration …

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Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli

In California, Graduates by jan_mfp

Website: As a film composer, Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli (b.1969) was nominated for an Emmy Award for his first professional score, A Year to Remember on CBS News. His most recent films include Elipsis for 20th Century Fox Latin America;  Beatbox Colombia for ARTE Television (France); and Raw, a dramatic short that premiered at the 2005 …

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Chantal Drapeau

In Graduates, Québec by jan_mfp

Website: See biography in English Voir biographie en français

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Catherine Monnes

In Graduates, Virginia by jan_mfp

Catherine Monnes’s musical experience includes disaster relief, cab driving, go go dancing, farm labor, racehorse exercising, water aerobics instruction, highway construction flagging (so glad they use signs now), bouncing, & selling electric yoyos for the circus, among many other things. She’s starred as Shootin’ Moon with an old-time punk band & a liquid woman with a new wave rock band & stood out as the white girl in …

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Carol Purdy

In Graduates, New York by jan_mfp

Ever since she was four years old and dancing in Macy’s “Little Theatre” in Manhattan, Carol has loved and pursued the arts. Her poetry and concert pieces for beginning string players have been widely published. Carol has performed with chamber music groups in the US, Canada and Europe. She currently performs with the New York City …

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Betsy Bevan

In Graduates, North Carolina by jan_mfp

I am a composer and visual artist who has enjoyed sharing my music and art with many people.  I have a masters degree in music composition from the Eastman School of Music in NY and currently teach music at Canterbury School in Greensboro, North Carolina. I have studied and worked extensively in the field of …

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Ben Smith

In Graduates, New Jersey by jan_mfp

Benjamin W. Smith is a pianist and improvisor and earned a Bachelors in Music Theory from the Manhattan School of Music. Ben has private music students in music theory and improvisation and has taught music theory and music appreciation at colleges and private high schools. Ben is passionate about personal empowerment through discovery, creativity, and …

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Annie O’Shea

In Graduates, Oregon by jan_mfp

Annie lives in Eugene, OR and operates under the umbrella name of “Music Maker.” She has on-going improvisational classes called “SoundPlay” in which she leads people through a variety of musical explorations with the voice, percussion, movement and whatever instruments happen to show up! Annie and her husband created  “tube drums” made from cardboard cylinders …