Video: Let Go of Perfection, Create What’s in Your Heart

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In this video, Ange tells how he let go of perfection and started to create what was in his heart in the moment. To come to a Music for People workshop, like Ange did, check out our Event Schedule.

Ange Chianese:

Music’s pretty wonderful and being able to do with a group of like-minded people who are not into performing for performance sake, or how should I put it, being perfect in every aspect, but just connecting with their feeling from their heart into what they’re singing or playing. That seems to me a unique and wonderful place to be musically.It wasn’t always that way for me. Before I came across Music for People, I was one of those guys who practiced a lot and got it perfect, or tried to get close to perfect, so that I could perform it back perfectly.

Well that’s all changed. And it was a nine-day workshop 27 years ago that I did in Keene, New Hampshire. I’m so grateful for that workshop. It shifted my paradigm about what music is about and how I feel about producing it, creating it, sharing it.

I’m going to quote one of my favorite clown instructors, because I am a clown on the side. (Although you wouldn’t know it, would you?) Giovanni Fusetti opened his lecture on clowning with the following description: “Perfection is finite. Stupidity is infinite.” I’ve learned that learning a piece of music to perfection is very finite, but if you leave yourself the permission to create what’s in your heart in the moment and allow that creation to exit you via song or an instrumental — or a combination of both — life becomes magnificent. I’m so glad I found Music for People. I hope you do too sometime. It’s not a commercial. I just think you deserve it. I sure do.