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Welcome New Participants
To New Participants:

photo by Julie Weber

Music for People would like to welcome you to the Adventures in Improvisation workshop. Here are a few notes to help you during the weekend.


You are encouraged to bring your instruments to the workshop, but if you didn't, there are some MfP instruments you can borrow. Please remember to return them to the location where you picked them up, such as the Main Space or the Conference Room


Adventures in Improvisation is held in conjunction with our Musicianship and Leadership Program. This is a four level program teaching people to lead workshops in music improvisation. Since each level of the program has a name designating the level, the name Players was chosen for those people attending the Adventures in Improvisation workshop and not a part of the training program.

If you are not in the program and are here for the Adventures in Improvisation workshop, look on the schedule for PLAYERS to review your events for the weekend. If you have questions, ask any of the staff for help.

For people who are joining the Musicianship and Leadership Program, the first level of the program is designated as IMPROVISORS.


The Adventures in Improvisation workshop has a variety of music improvisation sessions. The brief description that follows is to acquaint you with each type.

Friday Evening Sessions: Given by Music for People leaders and staff, these opportunities are a chance to meet and make music with the some of the other participants. Starting with a musical warmup, you will begin to learn about Music for People's improvisational techniques.

Listener's Choice: Friday and Saturday evenings both end with a Listener's Choice session attended by all of the workshop participants. These sessions are a chance to listen to music improvisations performed by every level at the workshop and to also participate in one of the improvisations. The Leaders of the session determine the format, but we encourage you to try out a technique you have learned with 2 or 3 other participants.

Teaching Blocks: Led by Music for People's master teachers, the teaching block sessions are a chance to learn about and briefly explore some music improvisation techniques. There are two of these large group sessions, one Saturday morning and one Saturday afternoon. Each group is comprised of half of the workshop participants. Look on the A/B list to see which group you are assigned to and the session location.

Breakouts: Breakout sessions, led by Mentors in the Musicianship and Leadership Program, are a chance to further explore topics introduced in the Teaching Block sessions and to make music in a more intimate setting. The Mentors have studied Music for People techniques for at least two years and are learning to lead music improvisation workshops. These sessions allow them to get feedback from the Music for People community.

There are two breakout sessions, one Saturday morning and one Saturday afternoon, and you will be assigned a different Mentor for each session. The breakouts occur in various locations at the facility. Look on the Breakout Schedule for your Mentor and your location.

Woodshedding: Woodshedding sessions are new to the schedule this year and are intended to give participants the opportunity to focus on a single musical task for an entire session. All the activities have one thing in common, in that they focus on a single skill/task, with thoughtful, concentrated, loving repetition for the purpose of acquiring fluency and confidence.

"Music is your own experience, you thoughts, you wisdom. If you don't live it,, it won't come out of your horn"
-- Charlie Parker

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