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In addition to the workshops hosted by Music for People, this page lists workshops and gatherings hosted by members of MfP. If you are a member of MfP and wish to have your event listed here (or wish to modify your event listing), please visit our Member's Event Update Page.


  • (G) - MLP Graduate; Certified MfP Teacher
  • (L) - Leader
  • (M) - Mentor
  • (E) - Explorer
  • (A) - Apprentice



SHARON LITTLE (G) - London, Ontario

Make Your Own Kind of Music workshops, one-on-ones, distance learning (phone and tape), children to adults. Drum circles. Find Your Creative Voice – through the voice to the Creative Fire Within (private sessions, groups, seminars, speaking engagements). No musical experience necessary. slittle@mco.net or 519-785-0797.


Chantal Drapeau (G) - Val-David, Quebec

Self-discovery through vocal improvisation
Within a sacred container, Chantal allows people to connect to themselves by listening to silence, where the breath is born and soars in a melody, a rhythm, a spontaneous song ! ! ! This is the discovery of your own inner voice in all its unique resonance and authenticity. Chantal is offering regular workshops (indivudual sessions and groups) through Musique du Cœur (Music from the Heart) in the Laurentian region. No musical experience necessary 819-322-3708 / www.musiqueducoeur.com

Josée Allard (G) - Montreal, Quebec

Ongoing workshops and gatherings, open to everybody. Private improvisation sessions offered with all kinds of instruments, private piano lessons and piano workshops. josee.allard@yahoo.ca or 514-933-9883. www.musiquecreative.com

LISE ROY (G) - Montreal, Quebec

Separate weekly gatherings for beginners and long-time improvisors and individual sessions. 514-523-7517.

MONIQUE POIRIER (G) - Montreal, Quebec

Workshops in improviation open-to-all. Piano workshops and individual lessons in piano improvisation. poirier.impro@sympatico.ca or 514-341-5943. www.monique-poirier.com

United States



Music for Every Body Playshop- http://www.jonathanbest.com/music-for-every-body-playsh.html . The first Sunday of each month and some Sundays in between I hold Music for Every Body Playshops open to people of all ages and experience. Each Playshop is different because the participants are always different and we always find common ground for all of us to explore our edges together. The Music Garden 327 N. Alarcon Prescott, AZ $5 to $10 suggested donation.


San Francisco Bay Area - Visit our Google Maps Page ( www.snipurl.com/sf-music-imp ) showing locations and backgrounds of improvisers in the SF Bay Area. Create your own local network!

ARIEL “Orna” LECHNER - Oakland, CA

Monthly improv gatherings on Sundays at 11:00 AM. Bring your spirit, voice and instrument, veggie munchies optional. Call: 510-655-2952.


It’s time for the adventurous among you to acknowledge
your musical selves and come participate in the “True Freshman Ensemble”– a group of improvising sound-makers celebrating a tradition of performance in which artist and audience are one. For more information visit us on the Facebook fanpage (True Freshman Ensemble) or email tfe@posthornmusic.com to be put on the mailing list.



Workshops, Private Sessions and Residencies. www.thecairn.net


Offers - Music, Meditation, and Conversation
- Interfaith Worship Services
- Dances of Universal Peace
- Healing with new sound and light technology

See website for updates: www.ahouseoflight.com or call for appointment: 203-643-8033

RANDY BRODY (G) - Weston, CT

Community Drum Circles
Join us for a great interactive experience playing hand drums and other percussion, and dancing to the
uplifting rhythms. You don't have to be a trained musician or an experienced drummer—just share a
desire to make rhythmic music, relieve stress and have fun in the process. Drums and other
instruments provided, or bring your own. Other acoustic instruments always welcome.
Facilitated by Randy Brody.

2010 Schedule

Third Monday Drum Circles

Dates: Apr. 19, May 17, June 21, July 19,
Aug. 16, Sept. 20,
Oct. 18, Nov. 15, Dec. 20 - Time: 7:30-9:00pm

First Sunday Drum Circle
Date: Dec. 5 - Time: 3:00-4:30pm
Location for all Drum Circles: Norfield Grange, 12 Good Hill Road, Weston, CT.

Admission: $15.00 adults / $5.00 seniors (65+) and under 12
Info: 203-544-7085, rbdrumguy@sbcglobal.net, www.sounddirections.net


Susan Golden - Clearwater, Florida

Universal Music Day: We are a non-profit grassroots community of music enthusiasts on a quest to nurture universal harmony by encouraging everyone everywhere to gather and create connections through music especially on the 2nd Saturday of October every year. Create your event that includes the 80% of the people who WISH they make Music -- (a speciality of MFP) in addition to the pro's. Let us know what you are planning to do! Let's create a World Wide Sound Wave! Learn more at UniversalMusicDay.org

Michael DeMaria- (G) - Gulf Breeze, FL

Michael is a psychologist, author, speaker and Grammy nominated recording artist who offers workshops in Soul Singing and The Art of Now ™ improvisational playshops for musicians and non-musicians in a safe, supportive, compassionate and playful atmosphere. He is the founder and director of ONTOS a consulting company dedicated to helping individuals and groups live more creative, meaningful and effective lives. He began using music at the age of 7 to heal his own surgery trauma. Now, as a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, percussion, indigenous instruments and his own voice) he weaves together his healing music in creative, dynamic and unforgettable ways in his workshops/keynote concerts and recordings. You can find out more about ONTOS and Michael’s workshop schedule at www.ontos.org or contact him for further information at 512 E. Zaragoza St., Pensacola, FL 32502; Toll free 1-800-764-0574 or email mdemaria@ontos.org


Elise Witt- Pine Lake (Atlanta), GA

Singing Workshops and Concerts in Georgia & Alabama
"Natural Rhythms" song and improvisation workshops and concerts
Glorious Impromptu Chorus - Community Sings led by Elise Witt @ Atlanta Shambhala Center
Sept. 13, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, 2010
Jan. 10, Feb. 14, Mar. 14, April 11, May 16, 2011
For more information, contact Elise Witt emworld@mindspring.com (404) 297-8398 http://www.EliseWitt.com


SALLY CHILDS-HELTON (G) - Indianapolis, IN

Improv gatherings are held at 7:00 PM on a somewhat ad-lib schedule in the home of Sally and Barry Childs-Helton, 5271 Primrose Ave. Please bring snacks. All welcome. Please call 317-251-8099 or email atomland@iquest.net to be added to the notification list for upcoming events.


EVE KODIAK, M.M., Licensed Brain Gym(R) Consultant - Cambridge, MA

Musician / Educator / Healer / Writer
More info and schedule of events/workshops at www.evekodiak.com or 603-547-7802

JOANNE SPIES(G) - Stockbridge, MA

Music improvisation gatherings and "Sounding Mohican Pathways" rhythm walks in Stockbridge, MA. Call (413) 298-5505 or email spiesart@aol.com for more information.

SARAH TENNEY (G) - Cambridge, MA

Improvisation gatherings. Call: 617-876-7847 or e-mail: sarahtenney@att.net.




Music Outside the Box! Intermediate and Advanced musicians on violin, viola, cello, and double bass are invited to join the Contoocook Valley Regional School District String Ensemble on Monday afternoons at 3pm, at ConVal High School. Classic chamber music and MfP style  improvisations are all part of the fun. Performances are in December, March, and May. Please contact Jahna Moncrief if you are interested! moncriefj@conval.edu or JahnaCalandrelli@world.oberlin.edu or phone 603-588-6630 x6414.



Ange and Amala alternate hosting an improv gathering on the first Sunday of each month. Contact Ange (angezip@aol.com) (cellphone- 609-306-3799) or Amala (cvamuse@yahoo.com) if you are interested in coming.

DOROTHY SIKORA (G) - Red Bank Area, NJ

Monthly gatherings, vocal, drum circles and improv gatherings open to all. Have fun, Sing, play music. Call 732-222-8703.

JANE BUTTARS (G) - Princeton, NJ

Music from the Inside. Explore music and movement improvisation and develop self-expression and music skills. Workshops, residencies, private sessions, piano improvisation distance learning by speaker phone or recording. For details: 609-683-1269 or janepiano2@comcast.net.


Fun, participatory workshops in early childhood music and movement. Increase your understanding of music development in young children; learn developmentally appropriate instruction using the internationally recognized Music Together curriculum. Workshops offered at over 50 locations worldwide. For more information, visit www.musictogether.com or call Music Together LLC: 800-728-2692.


Carol Purdy (G) - Massapequa, NY

Carol Purdy is currently performing with the New York City Soundpainting Orchestra, The Weave Improv Ensemble, the International Society for Improvised Music New York City Chapter Ensemble and the Island Chamber Symphony. Carol is available for private or group improv coaching. Contact: cbabp@yahoo.com or 516-799-1512

JULIE WEBER (G) - Woodstock, NY

YOU ARE THE MUSIC - music improvisation and music learning experiences - No matter your musical experience - begin, reawaken or deepen your relationship with music in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Workshops • Lessons • Individuals • Ensembles • Professional Groups • Community Building • Staff Development. E-mail: JULESoso@aol.com or Call: 845-473-4572.

DAVID RUDGE (G) - Fredonia, NY

The Improv. Collective is the Free Improvisation performing ensemble in the School of Music at SUNY-Fredonia. Comprised largely of music majors, we give a number of concerts each year. This is a student organization that meets each Sunday, with David Rudge as its advisor. There is also a Free Improvisation class that meets each week at 3:00-5:00 PM on Thursdays. Guests are always welcome! For more information call: 716-673-4644.

JOELLE DANANT (G) - Brooklyn, NY

JOELLE DANANT (G) - Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY
e-mail: VocalMuse@gmail.com or Call: 718-783-5231. Courses and Workshops available in: music improvisation for the soul (all instruments); devotional singing (non-denominational; includes improvisational approach); vocal improvisation, and voice & movement

Jim Oshinsky (Hon G) , - Baldwin, NY.

Periodic MfP house parties. Call 516-623-6912 or oceansky@optonline.net

Terry Keevil (G) - Stony Brook, NY
Music Improv Workshops at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, $10 suggested donation/tuition; Sunday, November 7, 2010, 3:00 – 5:00 pm, Sunday, January 16, 2011, 3:00 – 5:00 pm, Sunday, March 20, 2011, 3:00 – 5:00 pm.
More Info at www.terrykeevil.com


MayaJoëlle Aubry (G) - Asheville, NC

SOUNDS FROM THE HEART, a Gathering of Voices: Singing, Toning, Co-Creating Chants, Improvising, Exploring... To deepen your musical imagination, to bring forth sounds from the inner chamber of your soul, to built trust and intuition, to joyfully celebrate life, yourself and each other. Contact MayaJoëlle for dates. Available for private individual and group sessions. Also MONTHLY MUSIC (All Instruments) GATHERINGS! Call: 828-242-9084 - ahjoiedevivre@gmail.com - www.ahthejoyoflife.com


Suzanne V. Bernhardt (G) - Northern Philadelphia suburb.

Private workshops in overall self-expression, creative development, and life integration, including MFP techniques as well as improvisational theater and dance approaches. I also teach “Theater as Spiritual Practice” at Bryn Athyn College, and for the community, at Mitchell Performing Arts Center, which is open to larger community involvement. Call 267 502 2588 or suzanne.bernhardt@brynathyn.edu

ERIC & LYNN MILLER (G) - Phoenixville, PA

1st Saturday of the month 7pm, Healing Arts Coffeehouse, Phoenixville, PA with Eric and Lynn Miller and various guest MfP players and other musicians. http://www.expressivetherapy.org/coffeehouse.html

Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg (G) - Phoenixville, PA

Musical gatherings: A Musical Journey, every last Sunday of the months, 4-6PM, then a potluck, in my home in Phoenixville. Email or call for directions: henrik11@verizon.net or call (610) 933-9199

LYNN MILLER (G) - Phoenixville, PA
Vocal Improv Workshops, expressivetherapy.org. Join Firebird Festival Improv Orchestra Dec. 15th with roving conductors, firebirdfestival.com

RON KRAVITZ (G) - Wyndmoor, PA

Music in the Moment Improvisation Workshops - Some Saturday mornings 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Self expression through vocal & rhythm improvisation for everyone! Come explore and develop your creativity, in a fun, playful, safe and inspiring environment, surrounded by hundreds of instruments from around the world. We will engage each other in a moment to moment exploration of our self expressions of sound.

Community Drum Circles - Most Tuesday evenings 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and Saturday afternoons 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. 1012 E. Southampton, Wyndmoor, PA. 19038 216 233 0777

Check the schedule for updates on all upcoming events at:



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