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Ron Kravitz


Location: Pennsylvania

Ron Kravitz: is the creator of Music in the Moment (The Songs Within You, Improvisational Workshops for Everyone), that focus on discovering and exploring one's own inner and outer world of rhythm and sound. It is often conducted in his home studio where participants are surrounded by hundreds of percussion instruments from around the world.

... is producer of Underground At Ron's, a performance venue that showcases the talents of local and regional artists from a variety of creative domains. This began and continues to happen in Ron's home basement theater, and at The Stagecrafters, a 186 seat community theater in the heart of Chestnut Hill.

... continues to be an integral component of the 35 year old Group Motion Workshop (dance improvisation with live music, every Fri. night) playing percussion, vocalizing, dancing, and having toured throughout the U.S., in his 20 year association.

... is a member of Improv 2, an improv instrumental ensemble.

... is a member of the improv vocal quartet Singing Without A License.

... is a member of the NYC-based Walter Thompson Orchestra, consisting of musicians, actors, dancers, poets, and visual artists exploring the interdisciplinary potential of composition, through an improvisatory method of conducting with a sign language system called Sound Painting.

... and is co-facilitator of Singles U. which is a gathering of singles interested in meeting other singles, through the the art of learning a repertoire of improv writing, theater, and music skills.


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