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Mary Azima French Jackson

Location: Guilford, CT

Website: www.spiritualceremonies.net

E-mail: info@ahouseoflight.com

Phone:  203-643-8033

Mary Azima French Jackson is certified in the four year program of
Musicianship and Leadership of Music for People.  She has studied North
Indian sacred music with Sri Karunamayee and Western music with Master singing teacher, Marie Traficante.

Mary's extensive practical and educational background includes a
Doctorate in Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality and
a Master's in Divinity from Yale Divinity School.  Mary is also
certified in Psychosynthesis, which addresses the many aspects of each
person- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She is a Reiki
Master and Teacher and was a Founding Member and Instructor at The
School for Christian Healing at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Darien,
CT.  She has served as Chaplain at both Yale New Haven and Griffin

Mary is an Interfaith Minister dedicated to embracing the oneness of
all people, while honoring the uniqueness of each faith tradition.  Her
MInistry celebrates and creates unique traditional or non-traditional
weddings as well as other sacred ceremonies.  She holds monthly worship
services that are self creating by each group gathered with their
songs, dance, poetry, prayer, meditation and art.  Her ministry
embraces Dances of Universal Peace and music, healing, as well as
private sessions in spiritual guidance.


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