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Chantal Drapeau

Location: Quebec

Web Site: www.MusiqueDuCoeur.com

Chantal Drapeau is a Quebec professional artist. She has been experimenting and creating with self expression through audio-visual media for over 20 years as a performing arts leader and independent film maker. The art of improvisation, a source of inspiration for her films and workshops, has led her to take on training with Music for People. She has discovered that musical improvisation flowing from the breath is an extraordinary, accessible way of self connection. She is further developing her breath and voice work with the "Option-Voix" method in Montreal. Within a sacred container, Chantal allows people to connect to themselves by listening to silence, where the breath is born and soars in a melody, a rhythm, a spontaneous song ! ! ! This is the discovery of our own inner music in all its unique resonance and authenticity. Chantal is now offering workshops through Musique du Coeur (Music from the Heart) in the Laurentian region.

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