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Cathy Monnes


Cathy Monnes has been facilitating music improvisation classes and workshops for musicians and people who don't think they're musicians, of all ages and levels of music experience.
Among her workshops, she has had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of amatuer and professional musicians at SUNY Fredonia's Art of Improvisation (http://www.fredonia.edu/music/improv.asp); an international community of dancers at Performatica 2009, a dance festival in Cholula, Mexico (http:// www.performatica.org/philosophy_eng.php); refugee kids in Greensboro, NC (http://vimeo.com/21820935); and at an very special chamber music camp in Ontario (http://mpmcamp.org/index.cfm).
She has of years music performance experience in many genres (and instruments); currently playing with UVa's New Music Ensemble; improv sessions at Katharine Birdsall's studio with Stephen Nachmanovitch; with the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra; Afrolacian Jamz; and with her daughter, singer/songwriter Sally Rose. She is excited about working on music for an upcoming performance piece/collaboration with the Zen Monkey Project dance company, The Unearthing, opening in Charlottesville, Virginia this winter. She has studied with David Darling, and been deeply inspired by training in his Musicianship and Leadership Program. Her practice in facilitation incorporates much of his philosophy; as well as her own experience in related fields, primarily in movement. She comes to improvisation from a radically different direction than a jazz player approaches improvisation -though she has great respect for that tradition (she is currently studying with John D'earth, chair of jazz studies at UVa). Her workshops are more about playing than about thinking about playing; more about presence and listening than about striving for theoretical goals; more about helping players find freedom with their own music than about teaching technique. They're serious fun.



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