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This page lists certified facilitators who have graduated the four-year Musicianship and Leadership Program of Music for People. If you are an MfP facilitator and wish to make updates or additions to this page, please visit our Facilitator Update Page.

Name Location
Abby Gross Connecticut

Alice Rodgers

Andrew Oxman Massachusetts
Andy Smith Pennsylvania
Ann Rogers Florida
Anni O'Shea Oregon
Arianna Rose Pennsylvania
Barbara Leavy New Hampshire
Betsy Bevan North Carolina

Carol Purdy

New York
Carroll Butterworth New York
Cathy Monnes Virginia

Chantal Drapeau

Clint Goss Connecticut
Connie Barrett New York
David Rudge New York
Deborah Shelton Washington
Dorothy Sikora New Jersey
Elizabeth Byrd Colorado

Emily Metcalf

New York
Eric Edberg Indiana
Eric Reinhardt New York
Eric Roberts Colorado

Heather Keller

Heidi Champney Vermont
Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg Pennsylvania
Jahna Moncrief New Hampshire
Jan Hittle New York
Jan Magray Florida
Jane Buttars New Jersey

Jay Cook

Jim Oshinsky New York
Joan Renne Montana
JoAnne Spies Massachusetts
Joelle Danant New York
Joelle Maya Aubry North Carolina
Jonathan Best Arizona
Judy Binder New York
Julie Weber New York
Kathy Mason New York
Kevin Cosgrove Maryland

Kevin Makarewicz

Lee Berentsen Connecticut
Libby Francisco Maryland
Lise Roy Montreal

Lynn Margileth

New York
Lynn Miller Pennsylvania
Marcia Nelken Connecticut
Mark Hinkley Connecticut
Martha Crowell Pennsylvania
Mary Azima French Jackson Connecticut
Mary Knysh Pennsylvania
Matt McCauley Connecticut

May Ho


Mindi Turin

New Jersey
Monica Robelotto Massachussets
Monique Poirier Montreal
Naomi Bennett Ontario
Ned Leavitt New York
Nick Watts New Jersey
Pam Holmes Maryland
Patsy Lawry Texas
Paul Butler Philadelphia
Peter Dubner Connecticut
Peter Hawes Connecticut
Randy Brody Connecticut
Rob Bethel Massachussets
Ron Kravitz Pennsylvania
Rosie Fanale Connecticut
Sadja Greenwood California
Sally Childs Helton Indiana
Sarah Swersey Massachussets
Sarah Tenny Massachussets
Seamus McLaughlin Massachussets
Sera Smolen New York
Sharon Little Ontario
Stephanie Winters New York
Stuart Fuchs New York
Sue Armstrong Connecticut
Susan Deikman Pennsylvania
Susan Rosati Connecticut
Suzanne Bernhardt Pennsylvania
Thomasina Levy Connecticut

Tom Weiser

Will Price North Carolina
Wini Keane Connecticut


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