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Susan Rosati — Like a River Through Me


Track List

  1. Thula, Thula
    (Don't Cry, Don't Cry)
  2. Y'rushalayim Shelzahav (Jerusalem Gold)
  3. Otchitchornyia (Dark Eyes)
  4. Der Engel (Angel)
  5. Shewa's Dream
  6. Shepherd's Call
  7. Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes)
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. Surrender
  10. Duermete Apegado a Mi
    (Go To Sleep Next To Me)



Susan's first CD is all about love and connection. She has gathered songs from around the world that speak to her of love, peace and faith. In her deep, resonant voice she sings each improvised arrangement in the song's original language...an ambitious undertaking, yes, with rich and varied results. In the music and the liner notes Susan beautifully expresses her feelings for family, friends, fellow musicians, different countries and God. This musical offering is spiritual food that unites regardless of the language we speak or sing.

Like A River Through Me is dedicated to Susan's daughter Savannah and the first track is an African lullaby - 'Thula, Thula' - that comforts and soothes a child's spirit. The last track in Spanish - 'Go To Sleep Next To Me' - is about a mother's longing to keep her baby near and safe. In between are improvised pieces plus traditional songs in Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, German and English. "Shewa's Dream" actually came to Susan in a dream and sounds native American, which she improvises so naturally. "Shepherd's Call" evolved from an old chant learned in Italy. A poem by Rumi - 'Surrender' - is the basis for another powerful improvisation. "Der Engel" ("Angel") by Richard Wagner came to Susan's through her mother, who is German. Susan says, "This song is a piece of my heritage, but even more, it is an emotional, spiritual connection that inspires me to sing about my own grandmother. For she too, was transported, on shining wings, from all suffering, heavenwards."

The instrumentalists are delightful. They contribute texture and harmonic/rhythmic support, while not detracting from Susan's awesome voice. Musicians are: Susan Rosati - vocals; John Marshall - percussion; Robert Weinstein - guitars; Emily Metcalf - cello; David Darling - cello & piano; Sue Ann Armstrong - flutes.

For further information please e-mail Susan Rosati at suesmrp@cs.com.

--Review by Alice Rodgers


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