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Randy Brody — Music for the Planet - A Summer Solstice Concert


Track List

  1. Visions of Summer
  2. Latin Passion
  3. Solstice Storm
  4. By the Mill Pond
  5. Blues for a Summer Day
  6. Moroccan Heat
  7. Stroll in the Park
  8. Sun on Your Face
  9. Coney Island 1964
  10. Your Warmth Emerges
  11. Sahara Winds
  12. Scenic Route to Slovakia
  13. Voices of Joy
  14. Fire on the Beach



This concert was performed June 28, 2003, at the Norfield Grange, Weston, CT, as part of the ongoing music ensemble Music for the Planet.

Musicians: Liz Byrd, cello; Mark Hinkley, keyboards; Peter Hawes, drums/percussion; Matt McCauley, bass/tamboura; Randy Brody, Drums/percussion.

Surprise Guests: Clint Goss, fujara; Jan Hittle, vocals, Sharon Little, piano.

Concert Recording Engineer: Chris Sweitzer
Studio Engineer: Bob Williams
Concert and CD produced by Randy Brody (c) 2003-04


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