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Monica Robelotto — Tranzdanze


Track List

  1. Tranzdanze
  2. Hawthorne Memories
  3. Morning
  4. U Can B
  5. Corezon
  6. Goldberg Variation #18
  7. Goldberg Variation #19
  8. Gnossienne #1
  9. The Water Is Wide
  10. Over the Rainbow


In Monica's own words, "Tranzdanze is a transformation....a life dance. The music is a collection of improvisations that evolved into these compositions & ideas. While composing these pieces I heard David's rich & beautiful cello sound & so the journey began...."

This stunning, collaborative exploration of jazz, folk and classical harmonies is 'easy-listening' in the highest sense. It is so wonderful, in fact, that the following four tracks were featured March 2002 by Stephen Hill on NPR's "Hearts of Space" during a program entitled "The Glass Piano". Monica's solo composition "Hawthorne Memories" remembers good times and dark times growing up on Hawthorne Avenue. Another original "Morning" creates anticipation and hope for a new day as it builds from the quiet of just bells to joyful sounds with bells, piano and cello. Monica and David's gorgeous ultra-slow rendition of "Goldberg Variation #18" moves me (not normally a J.S. Bach fan) nearly to tears every time I hear it. The unusual tonalities in "Gnossienne #1" by Eric Satie paint soundscapes that tease the imagination.

As a highly skilled composer, Monica delivers innovative themes which she repeats enough to allow the listener to make friends and then sprinkles these now familiar themes with variations and contrasting ideas. Her cluster chords and jazz/latin rhythms are playful and very effective. Tranzdanze is quite a journey for the listener as Monica's fingers dance lightly across the piano keys while she and David tell her life stories and evoke lots of emotions.

Monica Robelotto, piano, midi sequencer, bells; David Darling, cello

For further information contact Monica at www.pianoimprov.com.

--Review by Alice Rodgers


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