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Marianne Osiel — How The Light Gets In


Track List

  1. Antiphon
  2. Prayer for Ground Zero
  3. Un-Ravel-Ing
  4. Days of Our Ives
  5. Invocation
  6. Ode to a Black Widow
  7. Peace Chant
  8. I Hear You Now
  9. Never Turning Bach
  10. So It Is In Everything
  11. Dreaming Awake
  12. Finding Language
  13. Dithyramb
  14. How The Light Gets In
  15. Sleepwaltzing
  16. Bach Off
  17. Fugue For The Forgotten
  18. Offering



All pieces were improvised exclusively.

Website: www.marianneosiel.com and www.artistlaunch.com/marianneosiel (click on CD)


Improvisational Duets for Oboe/English horn and four different keyboardists

With keyboardists Bob Barrows, Denman Maroney, Jordan Rudess, and John Simon

“Marianne Osiel is truly a very special musician and creative force. Her newest project is rich and multi layered and downright moving… …I am constantly surprised and drawn into the moody world that is created by these gifted, searching musicians.” - Rob Mathes, Arranger, Composer, Recording Artist

“These meditative tracks offer a broad range of stylistic approaches and different levels of structural control, ranging from song-like "set pieces" to beautifully unpredictable improvisations. This music knows something, and the knowledge gives the music a certain wisdom, and maybe us, too, if we listen well enough.” - Dr. Michael Rose, Composer/Professor, Vanderbilt University

"Marianne has a unique gift both as an oboist and an improviser. On this recording of completely improvised duos she demonstrates her command of the oboe and English horn with rich tonal colorations, excellent tuning, flexibility and a wonderful lyrical way of phrasing. Her poise is remarkable even in the most unstructured monets …. One can look forward to future efforts with such a successful beginning." - Paul McCandless (founding member of Oregon)

“The new CD by Marianne Osiel brings an immediate aura of repose and peace into the moment. Introspective, very alive, investigational, both in both sonic quality, and musical explorations, the inner voice that sings through the instruments reveal the subtle qualities of gentle light through sound. This work is a masterwork of beauty and quiet energy.”- LaDonna Smith, Editor, “The Improvisor” & improv artist

“This new CD by Marianne Osiel is a further indication that gifted artists who have mastered the European traditions of the great classic traditions can use these superb technical achievements to express not only the timeless music of the old masters, but also create their OWN music! Marianne Osiel has created a whole CD on the spot, and her improvisations, in many styles, always captivate the listener because of her own special sound, which is a voice that welcomes us to listen to the music being played." - David Amram, composer (Jack Kerouac, Manchurian Candidate)

"I worked with Marianne on my "Beyond Nature" project. The most memorable moment in the studio wasn't the piece that ended up on the CD, but the improv we engaged in prior to the recording... true artistry lives and emotes expression that is studied and crafted over many years with a great sense of discipline, but it also reveals itself through one such as Marianne, effortlessly like breathing. Melody, Art and the Language of music are granted to the listeners here…” - Phil Keaggy, Guitarist/Recording Artist

"Marianne caresses the oboe and English horn as if they were her magic lamp. Sometimes the genie emerges as a beautiful soulful melody, other times as a playful imp" . - Martha Mooke, Improvisational Violist, New York



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