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JoAnne Spies — Me & Melville


Track List

  1. Fabulous Shadow
  2. Checkout Line
  3. Spinach In A Can
  4. Have You Seen the Movie?
  5. Trimming the Bearded Lady
  6. If I Were You and Knew I Could
  7. Oh Herman
  8. Never Die
  9. She Has A Fabulous Shadow
  10. Live Like An Angel
  11. Lizzie's Letter
  12. Snow in Paradise
  13. Oh Paradise of Bachelors
  14. Where the Prairie Begins
  15. To the Ocean
  16. Cattle Ranch
  17. Dreams of Thy Youth


Me & Melville came about when I found out that Herman Melville once had a job setting up bowling pins in a bowling alley in Hawaii. Here was a regular guy! We both loved the Berkshires, we both had lived in Manhattan where we had menial jobs, and we both had deserted from whaling ships in the South Seas and lived among cannibals for several months.

This commonality evolved into Me & Melville, in which I have attempted to weave together my songs with some of Melville's themes and subjects---love, death, immortality, friendship, forgiveness and the sweet taste of whale's milk.

Read Moby Dick and understand why 'this fabulous shadow only the sea keeps.' (from Hart Crane, "At Melville's Tomb").



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